November 7, 2011 Sean McWard

LanzaTech Makes its First Commercial Sale

Roselle, Illinois November 7 2011: LanzaTech has just signed its first commercial customer, marking a milestone in the clean energy technology company’s global development.
The customer is Concord Enviro Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd (CES), a Mumbai-based company which has broad ranging investments in various forms of renewable energy. The company’s portfolio of waste-to-energy includes municipal solid waste (MSW) to energy at the largest contributor. Through a group company Concord Blue, a German-Indian company, it provides advanced gasification technology for syngas generation from a wide variety of waste streams.

LanzaTech chief executive Dr Jennifer Holmgren says LanzaTech has licensed its technology to CES to enable the production of both power and fuels from MSW syngas. LanzaTech’s other multiple deals throughout Asia have been joint venture deals to establish plants using LanzaTech technology and partnership arrangements to help develop the technology, or identify licensing opportunities.

“Concord Enviro Systems’ gasification units convert a variety of feedstocks including MSW and waste biomass,” Dr Holmgren says. “This collaboration will enable us to accelerate deployment of our technology utilizing waste synthesis gas streams and is central to our mission of harnessing waste streams for the production of valuable fuels and chemicals and increasing access to energy globally.”

“Coupling our technology with CES’ is an effective way to deploy small, distributed systems for producing liquid transport fuels from waste biomass or MSW. CES recognises the economics of and significant revenue potential that our technology brings.

“For LanzaTech this agreement is significant as it represents our first technology sale in a key strategic market and a very critical waste segment,” Dr Holmgren says. “It is estimated that global generation of MSW has risen 37% since 2007. With developing countries spending a significant portion of their available budget on solid waste management, using this waste as an energy source and deploying distributed MSW systems means we could have a real material impact on energy democratization.”

Mr Prayas Goel, managing director of Concord Enviro Systems (CES), says LanzaTech’s technology provides multiple, immediate opportunities in the Indian market.

“Our goal is to accelerate the deployment of this technology, with an initial demonstration plant for MSW to ethanol production,” Mr Goel says. “We are committed to delivering environmentally friendly, economically feasible and sustainable waste to energy solutions.”