May 15, 2014 Sean McWard

LanzaTech Wins at Guardian Sustainable Business Awards

Awards: The Guardian Sustainable Business Awards
Published: May 14th 2014
Award Won: Innovation Award in Carbon and Energy Management Category

LanzaTech was awarded the Carbon and Energy Management Innovation Award at the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards, held in London on Wednesday May 14th.

The winners of the GSB Awards have been recognised for their excellence in making sustainability in business a reality.These awards shine a light on the people and projects who are helping businesses do better and be better. Not just for their own bottom line, but for the environment and society too.

The judges believe that businesses have the capacity for great innovation and the ability to move fast to seize opportunity. LanzaTech believes in this concept as well and has long maintained that sustainable practice and good business sense are by no means mutually exclusive.

A full list of the 2014 winners can be found here.