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Changing the Rules of Energy Production 

Not all biofuels are created equal… 

LanzaTech uses a novel biological approach to transform carbon rich waste gases and residues from industry into fuels and chemicals. By capturing the carbon from the gas, LanzaTech is able to reuse it as a fuel or sequester it into chemical intermediates that can be used in the manufacture of new products such as plastics, nylon and rubber.

LanzaTech’s solution can be deployed at the regional level; empowering communities that need energy solutions that integrate well with local requirements and use local resources.

Using proprietary microorganisms, LanzaTech’s gas fermentation technology has no impact on food or land resources, an approach which has attracted global partners from a variety of sectors who also recognize the need to bring a stable and plentiful energy supply to a global population in an economically, socially and environmentally conscious manner.

By using all the scientific tools we have at our disposal and embracing newideas, we are making a significant impact. LanzaTech offers a solution that creates low carbon fuels and chemicals from waste resources, mitigates GHG emissions from growing industries, increases energy security and increases access to energy for all.

We are a novel approach that will make a real impact on our changing world.

capturing carbon. fueling growth.

LanzaTech Brochure

The LanzaTech brochure features an in-depth review of our company, our process technology, and our vision.

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The LanzaTech Process Demo

LanzaTech Demo

Carbon monoxide gas is produced in high volumes by the steel industry. Industrial waste gases contain elevated concentrations of carbon monoxide gas and little or no hydrogen - this is pumped out of the flue stacks and causes pollution. Learn more

Pilot Plant

LanzaTech Pilot Plant

The LanzaTech process has been demonstrated extensively at lab scale, and since November 2008 at our pilot plant at BlueScope Steel in Glenbrook, New Zealand – having achieved an annual production capacity of 15,000 gallons using real waste gas to grow our microbes.  learn more

Freedom Pines

We are proud to announce our first production facility in the United States, Freedom Pines Biorefinery, located in Soperton, Georgia through our acquisition of the former Range Fuels biorefinery on January 3, 2012.   Learn More

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