Toru Ryoso

Toru Ryoso

Toru Ryoso, began his career in Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in 1981 shortly after graduating from Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo) in Economics.

Throughout his 33 year career at Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Mr. Ryoso has held a number of management level posts across a variety of sectors including steel and power. Fluent in Japanese, Spanish and English, Mr. Ryoso has worked in Mexico and as a General Manager in Santiago, Chile covering steel, power and chemical projects for Mitsui Chile’s Plant & Automobile Department.

Mr. Ryoso continued to stay involved with steel projects in Asia, CIS, the Middle East and the EU as General Manager of the First Projects Group Heavy Machinery Division from 1998-2001. He then transferred to the Business Development Department of the Steel Raw Materials Business Unit, covering joint projects with POSCO (Korea), Green House Gas (GHG) related businesses (CDM, AAU/GIS, Emissions Trading) and new energy technologies (Hydrogen, Fuel Cell).

After completing a Senior Executive Program (SEP) at Stanford University, USA in 2007, Mr. Ryoso returned as General Manager of Mitsui’s Energy Business Unit II’s  Environmental Business Division, covering GHG related businesses, new energy and biomass energy projects.

Today, Mr. Ryoso is Operating Officer of this unit and continues to focus on environmental business opportunities alongside LNG projects.