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freyab33_order_delivered_1_jpgYou leave footprints in sand when you are at the beach, right? You also have an eco-foot print but you can’t see it.

Think for a second about all the different things you use in your daily life. What you eat, wear, how you get around.

Your eco-footprint measures the area of land and water it takes to provide the things you use every day. Consider all the resources you need from our planet to provide all the things you use.

freyab33_order_delivered_7_jpgCan YOU make a difference?
Every day, you can make decisions that reduce your eco-footprint. How you get from place to place, what you eat and drink, what you do at home, the stuff you buy…YOU CAN make a difference!

TG7Teacher’s Corner
Class activity aged 7-12 here
Class activity aged 12+ here

Metric measurements
Class activity  aged 7-12 here
Class activity aged 12+ here

iStock_000005893121Small_jpgDo you know how much water is hidden in the things you eat or do every day?

Take our water quiz here with your friends to see how well you know your water footprint!


Cherry TreeFun sheet and quiz
Fun sheet aged 7-12: here
Fun sheet aged 12+: here

Metric measurements
Fun sheet aged 7-12: here
Fun sheet aged 12+: here