Advanced Engineering and Rapid Scale-up


Tested in the Lab. Proven in the Field.

The engineering team is drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds including process, mechanical, electrical and software engineering, as well as experience in industrial fermentation, gas handling and pressure vessel design.

This process engineering expertise has been the driving force behind our rapid scale-up and commercialization plan. Operating since 2008, our pilot plant located at the BlueScope Steel mill in New Zealand with capacity of 15,000 gal/year is linked directly to the mill’s off-gas exhaust. The pilot plant is fully automated and has successfully demonstrated the operation of the LanzaTech process at scale with real-world gas resources. 

In November 2012, LanzaTech announced completion of the first phase of a multi-phase partnership with Baosteel, China’s largest steel producer:  A 100,000 gal/year demonstration facility that converts waste carbon monoxide gas from Baosteel’s production facility into ethanol via LanzaTech’s gas fermentation technology. The successful completion serves as a pre-cursor to a commercial facility targeted for 2014.

Also in 2012 LanzaTech’s second demonstration facility using steel mill waste gases was constructed near Beijing with Capital Steel: the fourth largest steel producer in China.  Operation is targeted for 2013.