LanzaTech.  Spearheading New Ideas in Bio-commodity Technology.

Our rapidly growing team of biologists, process design engineers, expanding patent portfolio and state-of-the-art lab facility are resulting in a list of capabilities unmatched in the industry.

  • Gas Fermentation: our lab was specifically designed to allow quick and efficient investigation and research of every aspect of a commercial gas fermentation process.


  • Synthetic Biology: we are now capable of defining and directing fuel and chemical production at the DNA-level. Our microbe has a WHO Category 1 safety rating (the same as Baker’s yeast).


  • Microbiology: LanzaTech has one of the world’s largest collections of industrial fuel and chemical production microbes. To date, we have two new proprietary strains of gas fermentation microbe.


  • Analytical Chemistry: we have in-house access to full, on-line, high-throughput gas and liquid analysis facilities.


  • Fermentation: our fermentation suite comprises more than 20 bench-top gas fermentation reactors and a test-bay allowing the development and demonstration of several prototype reactor designs in parallel and at scale.