Synthetic Biology for high-value chemicals

LanzaTech’s proprietary microbe is naturally occurring and is categorised as a WHO-risk 1 organism (same as baker’s yeast). The microbe acts a biocatalyst which allows production of both fuels and chemicals from industrial gas resources. LanzaTech is the first company to develop a bio-catalytic toolkit for a gas fermentation microbe through which we have been able to:

• Secure multiple proprietary genomes

• Construct a detailed gene expression database

• Establish our proprietary synthetic biology platform

• Develop a plug-and-play gene expression/gene regulation system


These advancements will allow us to move beyond ethanol and 2,3BD production to other fuels and chemicals (e.g., isoprene, MEK, isopropanol,etc.), which serve as the building blocks for products such as diesel, jet fuel, olefins, and plastics.