LanzaTech’s unique process provides a sustainable, cost efficient way to produce platform chemicals that serve as building blocks to products that have become indispensable in our lives such as rubber, plastics, synthetic fibers and fuels.

2,3 Butanediol & 1,3 Butadiene

Market & End Use

LanzaTech is commercializing a Gas to 1,3 Butadiene (BD) process in collaboration with its strategic partners INVISTA and SK Innovation. The global market for BD is over 12M MTA and growing at 2% per annum, with wide-ranging applications from the production of styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), a key ingredient for the global tire industry and as a feedstock for Nylon production.

Partnerships & Commercialization Progress

LanzaTech’s 2,3BDO to BD scheme is illustrated here. This 2-step processing scheme is expected to be commercially launched in 2016.  INVISTA and LanzaTech are also jointly developing a direct single step Gas to BD route.

Acetic Acid

Market & End Use

The global Acetic market size is about 16M MTA with key applications in the Textiles, Adhesives, solvents and coatings industries.

Partnerships & Commercialization Progress

LanzaTech is collaborating with Petronas, the Malaysian Oil major, to develop a CO2 to Acetic Acid gas fermentation pathway, and in parallel working with research institutes in China and India to develop an Acetic Acid to Lipids fermentation scheme. Lipids conversion to drop-in transport fuels is an established processing route feeding into a global market.


Market & End Use

Isopropanol (IPA) is important industrial solvent, with outlets in cosmetics and personal care products, de-icers, paints and resins, pharmaceuticals, food, inks and adhesives. It is used in the extraction and purification of natural products such as vegetable and animal oil and fats. Globally, around 2M MTA of IPA is consumed annually, reflecting an overall market size of $2.5-3.5B, at prevailing prices.

Partnerships & Commercialization Progress

LanzaTech has demonstrated the synthesis of IPA via gas fermentation at the laboratory scale and is engaged in dialogue with several strategic partners to commercialize this pathway.


Isobutylene is one of the most important petrochemical building blocks that can be converted into fuels, plastics, organic glass and elastomers. It can also be directly converted to polymers and jet fuel relevant C8-C12 molecules.

LanzaTech is working with Global Bioenergies, whose core technology consists in a proprietary artificial pathway allowing the direct fermentative production of isobutylene from renewable resources. This pathway has so far been expressed in a classical production microorganism using carbohydrates such as glucose as feedstock. LanzaTech’s unique microbes, present a novel pathway that can use nonfood resources as feedstocks, specifically carbon monoxide gas, for isobutylene production.