Pollution to Products!

LanzaTech’s unique process provides a sustainable, cost efficient way to produce platform chemicals that serve as building blocks to products that have become indispensable in our lives such as rubber, plastics, synthetic fibers and fuels. Across the supply chain, LanzaTech offers an alternative to both gas providers and end users. No longer faced with the liability of carbon emissions, gas providers can choose to “sequester” carbon into new and valuable products, rather than burying it underground at significant cost. End users can choose a new pathway to their products, rather than making them from new fossil resources.


Market & End Use

Isopropanol (IPA) is important industrial solvent, with outlets in cosmetics and personal care products, de-icers, paints and resins, pharmaceuticals, food, inks and adhesives. It is used in the extraction and purification of natural products such as vegetable and animal oil and fats. Globally, around 2M MTA of IPA is consumed annually, reflecting an overall market size of $2.5-3.5B, at prevailing prices.

Partnerships & Commercialization Progress

LanzaTech has demonstrated the synthesis of IPA via gas fermentation at the laboratory and pilot scale and is engaged in dialogue with several strategic partners to commercialize this pathway.