More than 1.4 billion people lack access to the energy required to feed and care for their families; educate themselves or quite simply have a safe and secure life after dark. Energy democratization will be a driving principle in the coming years, because the need for energy is universal and is an essential part of every family, every village, town and nation.

LanzaTech is able to provide one solution to meeting our current energy challenges.

Through industrial symbiosis, the opportunity for one industry to use the waste from another industry as a key input, LanzaTech enables economic growth and job security in industrialised regions, while mitigating GHG and particulate emissions which have a negative impact the local and wider environment. Through capture and reuse of waste streams, LanzaTech not only promotes economic growth but by avoiding competition with land, food and water sources it addresses all 3 pillars of sustainability.

In contrast to today’s energy infrastructure designed to support a common global solution that is based on fossils fuels, LanzaTech can utilize suitable local resources and offer regional solutions that enable energy democratization, giving all people access to sufficient, secure and affordable energy.