June 9, 2013 Sean McWard

LanzaTech Named One of the World’s Top Sustainable Solutions

Publication: Sustainia 100sustainia

Published: June 9th 2013

ROSELLE, Illinois & LONDON (June 9, 2013) LanzaTech, a producer of low-carbon fuels and chemicals from waste gases, has been named as one of the most innovative sustainable solutions around the world in a new sustainability guide, Sustainia100. LanzaTech was selected for the positive social, economic and environmental impact the company’s gas fermentation technology will have on local communities.
From Canada to Kenya, Guatemala to the Philippines, Sustainia100 chooses the 100 most innovative and impactful solutions out of 500+ nominated projects and technologies. Overall, Sustainia100 maps sustainable solutions successfully deployed in 128 countries.
“We are honored to be recognized among the innovative solutions that are meeting sustainability challenges around the world,” said Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech. “At LanzaTech, we firmly believe that economics are not at odds with social or environmental responsibility and we are on a fast track to commercializing a technology that has the ability not only to reduce emissions but to promote economic growth and ensure increased access to energy.”
LanzaTech has developed innovative technology that transforms local, highly abundant, waste and low- cost resources into sustainable, valuable commodities. The patented biological process uses a microbe to convert waste gas containing CO or CO2 (from industrial sources like steel mills and processing plants) or synthetic gas generated from any biomass resource (e.g. municipal solid waste, organic industrial waste, agricultural waste) into substitutes for petroleum-based fuels and chemicals.
Sustainia100 is a tool for investors, business leaders, decision makers and consumers as it provides insights to the most promising solutions at the forefront of sustainable transformation.
“Congratulations to the selected 100 solutions,” said Erik Rasmussen, Founder of Sustainia. “They are true action heroes of sustainability. In each of their fields, these solutions have proved that sustainable alternatives are not only available, but also attractive, competitive and successful. Each and every solution gives us hope for a faster transformation to a sustainable future.”
As a selected Sustainia100 solution, LanzaTech also enters the field of nominees for the international sustainability award, Sustainia Award, chaired by former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mr. Schwarzenegger heads the selection jury that also includes former Prime Minister of Norway Gro Harlem Brundtland, EU Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard and Chair of the UN climate panel, IPCC, Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri.
The winner of Sustainia Award will be announced at a ceremony in Copenhagen, November 7, 2013.
The sustainia100 guide is available here: http://www.sustainia.me/resources/publications/2nd_sustainia100_2013.pdf