February 22, 2016 Sean McWard

LanzaTech Voted #2 in Biofuels Digest Hot 50 Companies in Advanced Bioeconomy

Carbon Recycling Technology Recognized as Integral to Carbon Smart Future

Chicago, Illinois (February 19, 2016) Biofuels Digest announced that LanzaTech was voted the No.2 hottest company in the Advanced Bioeconomy. The ranking was an amalgamation of the Hot 50 Companies in Bioenergy and the Hot 30 in Renewable Chemicals and Materials. In 2015 LanzaTech Ranked #1 and #5 in these rankings respectively.

The annual rankings recognize innovation and achievement in the Advanced Bioeconomy and are based 50% on votes from an invited panel of international selectors and 50% on votes from subscribers of the Digest combined with photo votes. Overall, more than 100,000 individual company ratings were received. The Digest now has 1.9M readers across the globe, highlighting its growing international reach. The Hot 50 was announced during the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. this week, with all sessions streamed live online through the Digest’s BioChannel TV.

LanzaTech’s disruptive carbon recycling technology turns excess carbon in the atmosphere from a liability to an opportunity, using it as a resource to make fuels and chemicals. The company is currently building three commercial units; in Belgium with ArcelorMittal the world’s largest steel maker, in China with Capital Steel and in Taiwan with China Steel. The first unit is expected to come online in 2017.

“LanzaTech continues to attract a giant following among readers and selectors, said Jim Lane, Editor of Biofuels Digest. “Those in the know continue to give a rousing two-thumbs to this technology and team.”

“We are delighted with this result,” said Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech. “It is an honor to be recognized as one of the leaders in the Advanced Bioeconomy. Getting a new technology to scale in a new sector is only possible through the collaborative environment of this great new industry, an environment encouraged and nurtured by the Biofuels Digest Team.

Integrated renewable products company, Amyris was voted #1 in the rankings, Novozymes (#3), Renewable Energy Group (#4), Solazyme (#5), Dupont (#6), Genomatica (#7), DSM (#8), BASF (#9), and BioAmber (#10) rounded out the top 10 in the Hot 50.