May 17, 2019 Freya Burton

Carbon Recycling Makes CNBC Disruptor List for 3rd time!

Chicago, IL. (May 15, 2019) In the seventh annual CNBC Disruptor 50 list, announced May 15th, LanzaTech came in at #15 and was the top energy or chemicals company. Interestingly, the list includes a number of Carbon Smart technologies and approaches: new models to reuse clothing, new protein sources, less intensive agriculture etc. “As a company, we believe in the importance of approaches that can rescue the number of C atoms from the atmosphere,” said Jennifer Holmgren, CEO. “We hope that someday soon, everyone will measure themselves by the intensity of their carbon products!”

LanzaTech’s Carbon Smart™ model is based on the idea that consumers always have a choice. From choosing paper or plastic bags, Fairtrade coffee, organic milk and recycled paper, consumers are given the choice of where their products come from and what sort of footprint they are leaving on the planet. LanzaTech’s process will someday enable consumers to also choose where the carbon in their products comes from.
Through gas fermentation technology, LanzaTech is showing the world that waste carbon is an opportunity not a liability and that products made from waste carbon not only yield environmental and social benefits, but make economic sense as well. Today the key product is ethanol, a great energy carrier to help utilize and consolidate distributed pockets of difficult to transport waste carbon. LanzaTech’s first commercial plant in China has already produced over 7M gallons from steel mill emissions. This ethanol can also be converted downstream into jet fuel, as used in October 2018 with Virgin Atlantic and can be converted into new products that would otherwise come from fossil.
A record 1200 companies were nominated for the Disruptor 50 in 2019, making it the largest nomination pool yet. Each company representing a challenge to the status quo in many industries, from finance and fitness to energy and consumer products. The companies that made the final cut share a common goal of developing revolutionary new technology into scalable business models to create the next generation of great public companies.