Why LanzaTech?
• We embrace innovation from everyone
• We believe in the power, benefit and justice of diversity, inclusion & equity; our BLEND initiative is part of our never-ending commitment to this
• We have an open culture – anyone, any leader can be approached with a question or idea
• We care about our world and the devastation of Climate Change – our technology has the potential to save the state of our planet
• We believe in fostering, encouraging, facilitating and rewarding your growth – we don’t have artificial timelines or barriers to you advancing to the next stage of your career with us
• We value you as a whole person – we care about your well-being, your health, your fulfillment, your family, your work-life balance and ultimately your satisfaction and happiness
• We believe a valued person will be the best teammate and rise to the level of their own excellence

At LanzaTech, we live according to a core set of values as a company, a community and a team.