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Companies are doubling down and maintaining their sustainability efforts despite cutting in other areas – even shifting funding away from traditional oil and gas into renewable energy programs and development. We have seen this not only by consumer-facing brands, but also less publicly facing energy and infrastructure companies.

We stand at a critical moment in history, and we are ready to meet the challenges head on.

After 15 years of technology development and scale-up, LanzaTech has the solutions so desperately needed to help meet the global climate and energy goals. We are here to lead the way to a new circular carbon economy.

However, it is not enough to only look externally to solve global problems.  We also need to look inside and see what it is we can do as individuals and as the LanzaTech community to bend the carbon curve.  This report highlights our own accomplishments in making LanzaTech more sustainable and sets the stage for continuous measurement and improvement of our own carbon footprint.

Choosing to live within the limits and boundaries of our planet is difficult but it is one we gladly embrace because at LanzaTech we are simply about how we can do better; how we can lead by example and, most importantly, how we can have fun making the world a better place.

Thank you all for being part of this first step in our journey to reinvent our sustainability profile. We hope you enjoy our first ever Sustainability Report.

LT 2020 Sustainability Report

LT 2020 Sustainability Report—Executive Summary

Check out the video of our journey here